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The Copa Libertadores arrives at EA SPORTS FIFA 20 in March 2020

FUT 20 Comfort Trade v2.0 Electronics Arts Inc. has announced the arrival of the most important club tournament in South America the Copa Libertadores exclusively for EA SPORTS FIFA 20 as a free update for PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC which will be available from March of 2020.

Players will be able to compete with historical clubs from Uruguay Peru Paraguay Ecuador and many more in FIFA Ultimate Team Career Mode Quick Departure and the new CONMEBOL Libertadores tournament mode which has just won in this year's edition Brazilian Flamengo

Through these modes FIFA fans will be able to follow in...

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FIFA 20 demo will most likely let fans try out new features such as Volta street football


FIFA 20 will launch fully in September this yr, but just before then fans can have the an opportunity to test out the game. The new FIFA 20 demo will in all likelihood let fans check out new features for example Volta street football. FIFA hasn’t officially confirmed once the release date for the FIFA 20 demo is. But all of us know based on previous games it does come away two weeks ahead of the full launch. The release date on the FIFA 20 Demo should be September 12, 2019. FIFA 20 launches across the world on September 27...

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FIFA 20 have higher expectations

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EA Sports has an annual schedule fixed for its FIFA franchise official game product. FIFA 20 is the next which hit the gaming sections. FIFA is mainly known for its realistic gameplay and features which includes its mechanism and functioning of the football. FIFA 20 have higher expectations and it could be a major boost for EA if they do something unpredictable. Today, the story is quite different. Various sources indicate that FIFA sales in 2018 were nearly 20 times that of...

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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team cards will be revalued for more realistic effects

FIFA 19 announced that Ultimate Team cards will be revalued for more realistic effects in the development of the game. The ratings refresh are back on the attack in FIFA 19. EA Sports simulator has changed the statistics of some players in the Bundesliga for the Ultimate Team game mode. The idea is that the player's performance is the most similar to reality.


The changes of the half point in FIFA 19 depends on the performance of the player in real life. If you have a good season, your statistics will increase. Otherwise, the average decreases. They broke it in the...

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