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My Home – Design Dreams has cool multiplayer features

My Home – Design Dreams create interiors of rooms on points received from passing of levels 3 in a row. Help the new residents to furnish the rooms and become the best designer, step by step transforming the interior. Adding new items requires special points that you earn if you cope with the level. The gameplay is quite classic, it is necessary to move the figures of certain colors and shapes so as to obtain a vertical or horizontal line of three or more. Still open bonuses combining four or more elements of the same type, and then combine them,...

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My Home – Design Dreams is quite popular on both Android and iOS

My Home – Design Dreams is quite popular on both Android and iOS with millions of downloads on both platforms. It was released in 2018 by Zentertain and has seen explosive growth ever since. My Home – Design Dreams is a match 3 game, but it’s quite a bit different from most match 3 games. The game combines the home designing genre with the puzzle genre. In My Home – Design Dreams you can earn coins by completing match 3 puzzles. These coins can then be used to unlock new furniture for your room. Once you unlock enough furniture you...

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FIFA 20 have higher expectations

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EA Sports has an annual schedule fixed for its FIFA franchise official game product. FIFA 20 is the next which hit the gaming sections. FIFA is mainly known for its realistic gameplay and features which includes its mechanism and functioning of the football. FIFA 20 have higher expectations and it could be a major boost for EA if they do something unpredictable. Today, the story is quite different. Various sources indicate that FIFA sales in 2018 were nearly 20 times that of...

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