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Momiji is suited for every beginner that is playing Onmyoji Arena MOBA game


Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Momiji. Momiji is a Mage type Shikigami that is suited for every beginner that is playing Onmyoji Arena MOBA game for the first time. It is because of her ranged skills sets that include stuns, her high DPS, and global ultimate that can easily kill the enemies Shikigami. That is all for the basic 4 items, you can combine them all with the swapped items, or added a Chiyo sword for additional spell vamps and cool down reduction and depending on the enemies, you can go on defense.


For Onmyodo, you might want to focus more on Magic Penetration, Cooldown reduction, and Spell vamp. Notice, as i don’t buy any Spell vamp item, it is because my Onmyodo already covers most of my basic spell vamps, letting me survive more attacks without going back to the base. Harass is useful because of her second skills, that let’s you stuns any enemy in area for every 7 sec, and summon purgatory will damage the enemy Shikigamy each time you use a skills.


As one of the favorite roles at Onmyoji Arena, marksman is of course often misused. Quite a lot of reckless players play this one strong hero. In fact, a marksman is equipped with high damage long range attacks. All the skills are very supportive for destroying turrets and farming quickly. If you use marksman at Onmyoji Arena, never take the mid lane! Remember, the mid lane is specifically for mages because their ability is far better for surviving all kinds of enemy ganking than marksman at the beginning of the game. It's better to take the Kraken lane so that you can more easily move towards the Kraken when it appears and can be protected by your friend's support hero.


Previously we discussed what the Onmyoji Arena is. An MOBA game that resembles Mobile Legends. Between Onmyoji Arena and Mobile Legends, of course it has a difference. Onmyoji Arena itself is an MOBA genre game but has content adapted from the Onmyoji game that has the RPG genre. The Onmyoji Arena game takes Japanese mythology creatures as playable hero / characters. The name of the character that can be played on Mobile Legends is Hero. As for the Onmyoji Arena, it is called Shikigami. Shikigami itself is a term from Japan which means a spirit figure, can be in the form of a demon or a god / goddess worshiped formed from various kinds of living things. Like animals and humans.


Regardless of the literal term, you can get Shikigami at the Onmyoji Arena by buying coins that you get from playing or events. You can also get several Shikigami for free. Unlike Mobile Legends, the Shikigami in the Onmyoji Arena not only has 4 skills each, but has 5 skills, which are usually 1 to 2 passive skills and 3 to 4 active skills. One passive skill cannot be increased. If you are you looking for more about Onmyoji Arena Jade check out our website rvgm.com.

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