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FIFA 20 have higher expectations

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EA Sports has an annual schedule fixed for its FIFA franchise official game product. FIFA 20 is the next which hit the gaming sections. FIFA is mainly known for its realistic gameplay and features which includes its mechanism and functioning of the football. FIFA 20 have higher expectations and it could be a major boost for EA if they do something unpredictable. Today, the story is quite different. Various sources indicate that FIFA sales in 2018 were nearly 20 times that of PES safe to say, then, that EA enjoys an unprecedented monopoly in the field of football simulators.


Video Assistant Referee is commonly known as (VAR), It is a method implemented by FIFA for the safe conduct of rules in the game. It has both negative and positive impact on the game. FIFA is the official game product by EA sports and it has the same gameplay mechanics as in reality. With the development in its Impact Engine Fifa is miles ahead in terms of its competition and never have a tough competition.


EA Sports, the division of Electronic Arts that develops and publishes sports videogames, is ready for the launch of the new FIFA 20, the 28th edition of the most sold and played football video game in the world, this time with many new features. The FIFA Ultimate Team mode is one of the main innovations designed for the new FIFA, which today does not yet have a certain release date nor a cover (on which, in the last edition, Cristiano Ronaldo, then Neymar, Paulo took turns Dybala and Kevin De Bruyne).


The new Google Stadia console could have the version of FIFA 20 at its launch scheduled for the summer of 2019. A new concept of gaming that could include one of the best arcade football games of all time among its possible titles. Indonesian League 1 is gaining attention in the esports world. The highest soccer caste soccer competition in Indonesia was included in the top list in the search for FIFA 20 with the Malaysian Super League. In March 2019 the fifth English soccer caste competition, Vanarama, issued a petition so that the league could be included in FIFA 20. The entry of the Chinese Super League in FIFA 19 because of the support of its fans became an inspiration for Vanarama to do the same.


FIFA is mainly released in the month of September so this year might be the same for the FIFA 20. FIFA 20 will release on Microsoft Windows, Next-Gen Consoles, There is a little doubt about Xbox One and PS4 release. These consoles will not be included in the project of games in the future but can release with the old impact engine as Sony did for PS3 when FIFA 19 was released. With the latest introduction of UCL campaign in the game, FIFA has a massive advantage this year and killed the competition. All it remaining is the introduction of VAR, Will VAR comes to FIFA this year.

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