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Dota 2 Auto Chess positioning matters a lot for TB and even your enemies positioning

A lot of people complained about TB being broken. I always said that he is a little overpowered but not broken. Dota 2 Auto Chess positioning matters a lot for TB and even your enemies positioning can create trouble for your TB. He takes a little time to use the metamorphosis and then he needs the space to free hit. Click and buy heroes from the tray available. Use the first spell of the donkey to select and drop the hero on your board. Use the 2nd spell of the donkey to pull a hero back to the bench.


It's worth noting that the Mage bonus is amazing for other magic damage dealers in your army great examples are Shadow Fiend and Kunkka. Others are weird and poorly understood or documented at this time, like movement and range. Range is measured in the imprecise way of Dota 2 Auto Chess. Getting to level 8, 9 and 10 depends on your Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy Packs situation. Late into the game, every increase in level can be a huge turnaround in fortunes. You can have the strongest chess pieces in the game, but if you don't position them correctly they'll struggle to reach their full potential. 


So it's a lot of condition that needs to be fulfilled for a TB to work at his full power, which is most of the time nearly impossible. That kind of makes him not so viable even though he is a little overpowered. Well, the patch result says TB saw the least number of wins in the recent patches, so now he is buffed a little more with his increased magic resistance.  You can sell your heroes and get your gold back. If you put three level-1 heroes on the board, it merges and becomes one level 2 hero. Druids can level up just with 2.


An additional tip if you have a high level Puck, going for the Dragon synergy is a great idea. It will allow your Puck to use his spell right away and will provide you with a decent tank in DK. Viper Strike, although not amazing, also deals magic damage. Suffice to say that each chess space is about 200 range, and most heroes with range can hit two spaces away at 400 range. Dwarf heroes like Sniper have 300 extra range, for a total of 700, so they can hit most of the board from any space.


There are strategies based on getting losing streaks and racking up the gold, but I haven’t really mastered those. In general, it's best to place your healers and long range damage dealers on the backline, with tanks and bruisers protecting them on the frontline. When it comes to assassins, it's good to pop them on the sides so they can hop to the enemy's backline from the get-go and start laying down DPS on vulnerable targets.


After the recent changes, Troll Warlock is smiling again. It was always one of the most overpowered class combo in the game and it still is. There is no change in that. Going for Hunters is a bit awkward in the mid game because the mid-game Hunters  are not great. Beastmaster, however, is very strong, which means a popular way to get the (3) Hunters bonus is to get Beastmaster early on and to get two additional ranged Hunters like Drow and Windranger.


Dota 2 Auto Chess each hero also has a single ability, which it uses by spending its mana and which it will almost always automatically use as soon as it can.   The best way, I believe is to set up a good squad of 7 heroes and then sit tight for the next few rounds. We'd recommend prioritising your economy first. It's important to take advantage of interest, so make sure you're not spending all your Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy every single round. 

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