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Cooking Fever Coins are easier to earn than gems

Once you have mastered these 3 steps in Cooking Fever, then you should finally be prepared to take on the Fast Food Court challenge. It is critical to get free gems in Cooking Fever. But you don’t need to worry about this. Because in cooking fever guide we will tell you 100% legit tips to get unlimited free gems. Open the game every day to get free gems. Even when you don’t play the game but open it you will get gems. Cooking Fever Coins are easier to earn than gems.  When starting a new restaurant, upgrade all Kitchen and Interior items that are coin only upgrades (upgrades that don't cost gems). Save up enough coins before you buy a new restaurant so that you can immediately upgrade all non-gem Kitchen and Interior items.


Cooking Fever is an addictive time management game that also tests your reflexes and how well you perform under pressure. Don’t lose your cool though! Since upgrades are constantly required for the player to advance even for the first few levels, it’s necessary to learn some tips and cheats. These upgrades cost a lot of expensive gems. But the truth is, it still is possible to play and enjoy this game even if you’re not sinking a fortune into it.


In Cooking Fever, you play with the segment of a upward and forthcoming restauranteur. Your task is always to function up mouth watering eats as fast as you are able to. Starving clients are a few of the absolute most appreciative men and women about the surface of Earth, and therefore you want to proceed fast to maintain them happy! The game starts out slow however, also the battle immediately warms upward because you attempt and fill everyons orders swiftly and accurately.


Cooking Fever is a mobile game that requires you to use your time management skills to cook up meals for your customers. In this free cooking simulation game, you take the role of a chef that serves up delicious food using various cooking techniques. You are also in charge of managing your restaurants by doing the kitchen and interior upgrades which will help you serve your customers better. To Buy Cooking Fever Coins you can find from rvgm.com.


When you level up XP experience you will get free gems. You have to play or replay higher levels to increase your XP and get more chances to earn free gems. You will also want to return to the game each day to claim the Daily Income from each restaurant. You don't automatically get the income; you have to manually click on the Claim button to get the Daily Income from each restaurant. Daily Income is available every 24 hours after you last clicked on the Claim button.  The icons above each restaurant will sparkle when Daily Income is available.

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